What's A Hashtag Printer?

  • Most everyone knows what a photo booth is. A Hashtag Printer is a twist on the photo booth. Instead of going into a booth or standing in front of a stationary camera, everyone at your event with cell phones and iPads become the cameras. You choose a unique hashtag for your event and the guests tag the images they take with your unique hashtag and then post to their public social media Instagram and Twitter accounts. The Hashtag Printer then continuously searches Instagram and Twitter for your hashtag and pulls those images with your hashtag into the printer for your guests to print out. It's that simple! Your guests get keepsake images and your brand or event goes viral on social media.

How Our Service Works

After we set-up at your event, these are the 3 SIMPLE STEPS your guests will need to know.

  • Take A Photo

    Encourage your guests to go nuts and shoot as many pictures as they can at your event!
  • Upload With #Hashtag

    Your guests upload the pictures to Instagram or Twitter using your special event #hashtag (i.e. #YourEventName) in the comments.
  • Print and Enjoy!

    Find our TagNprint social printer booth and print your photos!

What Do We Provide?

  • Crowdsource your event photos. It’s simple. Just pick a hashtag and tell your guests to tag their photos when they upload them to Instagram & Twitter. TagNPrint will monitor Instagram & Twitter for photos (& videos) matching that hashtag and will automatically download and print them with your own custom template and branding.

  • Not only can you print photos from Instagram & Twitter, but you can display them in a customizable slideshow or wall presentation. Downloaded photos and tweets are automatically added to the slideshow which can be displayed on a monitor, TV or projection. Give guests the instant gratification of seeing their photos displayed moments after they are taken and monitor attendees tweets in real time at conferences and trade shows.

  • Add photos from every networked source at your event via a shared folder. This allows you to combine your photos with everyone’s mobile photos to document the event from multiple perspectives.

  • Make taking photos at your event more exciting. We provide a contest mode that will define a winning ticket that gets printed a certain percentage of the time. You can use this to offer an incentive for your guests to tag their photos in order to win a prize.

  • At the end of an event we will provide the host with an informative “infographic” of how successful their #hashtag was for that day. The infographic provides information from the number of posts to the total impressions. We will also share fun facts such as who was the most active and which gender posted the most.

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